About Reign…

I am the author behind Hope… Book one of an exciting new series that blends Greek mythology, action with a modern day retelling in  a way that really captures the reader’s attention and sends them on a journey of excitement and suspense.

While my pen name is Reign, I’ve also expanded into screenwriting under my real name. I recently penned a TV pilot adaption to Hope, with one difference, I’ve brought the creatures and gods in early.  

When not writing, I am a Bachelor of Digital Media student, wife, mother and very nerdy fangirl. Quite often, you’ll see me on Twitter engaging in discussions about DC and the Arrowverse which was what inspired me to make my return to the literary world in the first place.

I believe in equality and diversity. I believe in the underdog winning out and in people treating each other with compassion. I love science and science fiction blended in with supernatural and fantasy.

I also believe that we are all the heroes of our own unfolding stories so we need to act accordingly!

“Be your own hero.”

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