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TV Pilots

Ae to Zee – TV Pilot
When a girl learns she’s being raised as a criminal soldier in a school for the advanced, she needs to use her telepathic abilities to escape.

Angel’s Call – TV Pilot
When a mysterious girl washes up on an Australian beach with feathered wounds to her back, the locals believe she’s an angel sent from heaven. Now, her hunger for flesh will leave their lives in jeopardy, unless she can learn to control her true nature in order to survive.

Hope – TV Pilot
When an archaeologist opens Pandora’s Box, the aftermath is the destruction of humanity thanks to the seven deadly sins and the return of the creatures from Greek myth. Now he and the true descendant of Pandora are the earth’s only hope of ending the curse.

Yalena – TV Pilot
When a ruthless antiheroine with a dark past and the power to control the dead gets stuck in a small town, she has to second guess her morals for self-preservation to leave.


When the characters from her science-fiction series come to her with their lives at stake, an author must choose between fixing her real-life problems or saving a fictional universe.

Short Film Scripts

A mother’s worst fear becomes a reality when she makes a pitstop at a service station in the middle of nowhere.