Hermes Manifesto 2#

Throughout time, stories are chopped and changed until there is nothing left but lies surrounding a single element of truth. When it comes to the gods, these stories are no different. When you add in a charismatic, though somewhat deceptive god into the midst… It certainly complicates matters.

Prometheus was a titan, who possessed the gift of foresight and he loved the mortals even more than he did the gods. His gift of foresight showed him all that the mortals would achieve. They held such great promise, but they would need a little help along the way. To help them advance, Prometheus stole fire from the king of the gods, Zeus.

And of course, my father was furious. His fury caused him to enlist the other Olympians to create a woman, so beautiful, so tempting and yet so curious. He gifted her with a pithos which contained all the wickeds of man. Zeus knew that this woman’s curiosity would force her to unleash the curse upon mankind. Her name was Pandora and as the tales go, she was supposedly mortal.

But one should know better than to believe everything they read in fairy tales, because even fairy tales are filled with lies. Now you see, Prometheus had a brother named Epimetheus who held the gift of ‘afterthought’. Prometheus knew that his brother could be somewhat foolish, so he warned him not to accept any gifts from the gods.

But when Epimetheus saw Pandora, he instantly fell in love, just like an old love spell. Pandora brought with her the jar that she was never supposed to open and, as the fairy tales go, her curiosity got the better of her. The moment she opened it, she cursed the world and unleashed chaos. Panicked, she was out of ideas on how to fix her mistake, so she did the only thing she could do. She reopened the lid, this time letting out the last element… Hope. This made everything right again… or so the story goes. 

Zeus, the great and powerful king of the gods ruled with an iron fist. He also loved a lot of women. But he was also the object of anger for many gods who felt powerless to take out their vengeance on him. Hera, Hades, and even Poseidon had his reasons, to seek vengeance.  Now, I know you know all of this… These are the stories you read about in literature… But I must confess, they didn’t happen in the exact way you were taught… and there is a reason behind that.

When it comes to the gods, the truth can cause so much unnecessary destruction and I don’t just mean in an Olympian Game of Thrones like way… But in a way that might become irreversible affecting even time and space. This brings me back to the subject of the charismatic but clever-tongued, Hermes. Well, just like Prometheus, he loved the mortals. He could play the lyre like nobody’s business, he escorted souls to the underworld… until Hekate took over.

Did you know he could even travel through alternate dimensions? You probably doubt the truth to that, because your science hasn’t yet taught you about alternate dimension just yet… But it will, I promise. Regardless, there were certain actions that he… Correction, that I took. There were certain allegiances that I made… and there were reasons behind those lies that have buried the truths throughout time. I owe it to humanity to confess the truth. 

You see, Pandora never opened the pithos. It was kept safe. While we’re on the subject of Pandora, do you really believe that she was the first human woman? The equivalent of Eve in Christianity? Because no she wasn’t. Her true identity was kept a secret for the safety of her descendants.

That brings us to Zeus. Well, let’s just say, that he got what was coming to him by the one’s he hurt the most. But now the time has come. The pithos is about to be opened and the ancient curse is about to be unleashed. I apologize that I couldn’t prevent it forever. I am just a mere messenger carrying out my duty.  There will be chaos, but there will also be hope. There will be torment, fear and death, but there will also be a new beginning. Remember, to always have hope.

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