Astrid and her mother

Astrid pursed her lips together and offered a sympathetic smile at the woman sitting across from her. She folded her hands neatly in her lap and looked down at the pale blue arm chair she was sitting in, in a bid to break eye contact.

The woman with dark blonde hair, grey eyes and a vacant expression rocked a little quicker backward and forward on the bed.  Astrid had been here time and time again. She had been in this situation more times than she could count. She was a psychologist and she had heard every delusional story in the book. But it was the fact that she knew this woman on a personal level that hurt her more than she could take.

Listening to blatant ramblings about Zeus and the Greek Gods making a return over and over every time she came to visit her was growing very thin. Astrid took a breath, she needed to treat this encounter strategically…
“Mom, have you eaten?” She asked, doing her best to bring up a lighter conversation.

“You’re not listening to me, Astrid. He’s coming. He’s coming for you especially! You’re his revenge for what they did.”
Astrid bit down on her bottom lip and brushed her hand through her hair in frustration. Her mother was growing impatient, the volcano was preparing to erupt. She needed to keep the peace.
“Okay, so how do you know this?”

One glimpse at her mother’s backed down demeanor was all Astrid needed for reassurance. Her mother looked to the window and then back to Astrid before she spoke. “Hermes told me in my sleep. You need to be ready.”

Astrid could feel the tears willing themselves to come. Knowing that if the many years of medication and treatment hadn’t worked on this woman, nothing else ever would.

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