Samuel gets the order

Samuel was in his dorm, sitting at his desk. He was drained from another exhausting session of training. But that wasn’t new for him. In fact, he felt it to be the only thing he had going. He received an SMS on his phone from Alecia, a pretty recruit who he had spent a remarkable night with, but that was all. Without reading, he deleted the message just as there were three firm knocks at the door. General Sutherland.
Samuel tilted his head toward the door. “Sir?”
“Can I come in, Sergeant?”

Samuel got to his feet and opened the door to his superior, who seemed a little disheveled. He was holding a cream-colored folder against his chest. Samuel had known the man for years. He had been like a father to him even after his own had died.
It was because of this man that Samuel was still alive. But the look of frustration on the General’s face meant one thing, and one thing only. General Sutherland’s daughter had to be in trouble.

“Is everything alright?” he asked.
General Sutherland stepped in and closed the door behind him, as Samuel eyed the folder curiously. The General handed it over and confirmed his suspicions. “It’s Astrid.”
Samuel opened the cover and stared down at its contents in confusion. “What do you mean? What’s a bunch of old myths got to do with your daughter?”
“Read it, Sergeant. I need you to maintain a 24hour surveillance. Keep her safe… please!”

Samuel pursed his lips together as he stared down at the photo, pinned to the very top of the documents. The picture that he himself had seen hundreds of times before of the woman whom he had loved from afar for a very long time. The one reason that had kept him alive for a number of years. But that ‘reason’ didn’t even know he was alive. Of course, he would protect her with his every breath, but the question was ‘why now?’  
“Sir, what is all this? Pandora’s Box? What’s it got to do with your daughter?”

“If these myths are indeed accurate… than Pandora’s Box is about to be opened… and she will be the key to our salvation.”

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