Cruz gets the email

Mario Cruz sat at the bar in a quiet jazz club, in the heart of New York City. An ice-cold glass of scotch resting against his knuckles and his phone in his hands. He stared down at the screen, just as he received a message from his mom. It would just be another update of his parent’s most recent trip. They were always traveling.  He turned over his shoulder just in time to see Joey arriving, he was late as usual… and of course, he was checking out the scantily clad women on the dance floor… clearly deciding on his latest conquest for the night. Cruz smirked at his friend, who saw and walked over with his head held high in a typical Joey fashion.

“I came as fast as I could. You said you needed me?” Joey sat beside him and gestured for the waitress to bring him a drink.
There was a childlike excitement that danced in Cruz’s eyes which he could no longer conceal.  “Dude, we’re goin’ to Greece!”
Joey’s scotch was placed in front of him, but Joey’s eyes did not leave his friend’s face. “Greece? Why Greece?”
Ignorant to Joey’s level of disinterest, Cruz opened the email congratulating him on his position amongst the excavation team. Cruz showed it to Joey. “You said you had family in Greece and I’m sure your parents would pay for you to join me… Man, you’re my best friend, I need you with me on this.”

Joey took the phone from Cruz’s hand and read the email nervously. The dark-haired waitress tapped her fingers on the counter, waiting for Joey to pay for his drink. Joey’s eyes closed for a moment, knowing he couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer.  He opened them again and smiled, improvising his next moves. “Sure man, Greece! When do we leave?”

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