About Me

Where do I start?

While my pen name might be Reign Atkins, my real name is simply Rachel, and my last name is just a little too common here in the literary world.

I’m a corny action writer who prefers to write stories that blend science, the supernatural and even mythology (Mostly Greek).

While I have always loved writing, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I got back into it on a regular basis, starting with superhero fanfictions. From there, I crafted my own story – Hope – and have since expanded into writing screenplays.

Here, you will find a summary of Hope, where to buy it and even some before the book chapters. Feel free to read and share to let others know what you think.

The screenplay page offers you the title and loglines of my screenplays, which are now password protected. If you would like to read them, drop me an email at rachel_nicole_jade@hotmail.com.

I’m also in the process of creating a helpful blog for aspiring writers. Feel free to check it out.

I’m also available to follow on Twitter @reign_atkins. While I do also have a presence on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, you will find those links on my contacts page.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy my site!

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I’ve recently set my scripts to password protected, if you’d like permission to read any of them, feel free to email me on rachel_nicole_jade@hotmail.com

TV Pilots

Hope – TV Pilot
When an archaeologist uncovers Pandora’s Box, the aftermath is the possible extinction of humanity. Now Cruz and Astrid are the earth’s only hope of ending the curse.

Yalena – TV Pilot
When a ruthless antiheroine with a dark past and the power to control the dead gets stuck in a small town, she has to second guess her morals for self-preservation to leave.


Erica’s entire life is turned upside down when the characters from her own book series come to her for help. Now she must step into the futuristic world of Maranthina to bring down MIOT before her own world is changed forever.

Short Film Scripts

A mother’s worst fear becomes a reality when she makes a pitstop at a service station in the middle of nowhere.

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